Choose Key Box According to Your Business Needs

People usually like to keep their things organized and for that they often purchase key box to keep the keys in one place in an organized way. If you visit the market on any other online stores which sell these key lock boxes then you can see that they are showing you in variety of one tag and two tag designs.

Lock Box

The Variations

Lock boxes

In one Tag Key System the key box is found as a basic kind of lock boxes which is a bit smaller in size and can hold between ten to two hundred keys. For all intents and purposes in a one tag setup there are rows of hooks, but in these boxes you will not get the hooks in a numbered sequence. The tags are there to act as a number, and it’s very easy to see when there is a key out of place. The big issue with a one tag key cabinet is that if a key is lost, there is no back up for it. Nevertheless, this is not a big issue in any small businesses. Businesses like golf clubs, real estate companies, and taxi cab services choose one tag key boxes.

The Other Kinds of Key Lock Boxes

Combination Lock Boxes

Lock Boxes

In two tag key box system the system is little complex but they provide an extra security for the keys. In two tag system boxes you can get more systemized keys which are made in numerical order. This is so systematic that you can find all the keys and hooks easily because it comes with a clear number from one to hundred so if one number is missing from any hook you will get to know instantly. The two tag lock box has a file key tag, also with a secondary key tag for each number. This confirms that there is always one key that left on the hook which indeed adds a better level of security to the key box.


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